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An Oxford journalist discovers that a former lover of his, has gone missing. Helen Mably is a high flying academic with a sexual appetite apparently fuelled by a desire to humiliate her Police Inspector father. Helen has a brilliant mind and a deeply disturbed past, sexually assaulted by three policemen in a Police Social Club and the whole incident was covered up by her father.

Ex-Police Inspector David Mably gives Stuart the first thirty pages of a journal that Helen intends to publish. Helen mailed it to her father a few months before she disappeared. It hints at the assault and details at great length a number of her sexual encounters. The Police Inspector insists he covered the whole affair up to protect his then seventeen year old daughter from sharp barristers and intrusive newspapermen. It was her word against three policemen, he felt that legally, she never had a chance. Stuart has to find out if this was the case, or whether Helen’s claim that the Inspector’s motives were simply to uphold the good name of his beloved police force.

A dark, psychological tale of a disturbed woman. One that wants justice and revenge. Instead she finds nothing but betrayal and treachery.